When poor kids are richer than the rich.

IMG_6858.jpgI recently went on a trip to a children’s home in South East Asia and let me tell you… I have never been so awake in Christ. I’ve never felt so blessed and yet so thirsty. Every morning, waking up and being surrounded by their smiling faces, all I could think was, I want this childish faith. 

I’ve grown up in a Christian home. I’ve been going to church my entire life. And yet, these kids who live in a predominately Buddhist country, are so filled with a hunger to learn about Christ and to learn how to be more like Him. I mean. I’ve never been so ashamed or challenged in my life. In the States, I’m surrounded by Christian friends and we all talk the talk on occasion. But these kids are serious. And that makes me want to be that serious about my faith. I would fall asleep praying, crying out to the Lord, and just asking him to make my heart new and so full of love solely for Him. All I wanted was to be so filled with His love that that was the only thing people would see when they looked or interacted with me.

Because I saw it in those kid’s faces. I saw the hunger and the joy and the hope in their eyes and in their smiles. I mean they made me want to dance, laugh, cry, and sing all at once. But especially, they made me want to praise and worship the King of Kings, who sits on His throne smiles down on us.

Let me tell you a thing.

Those kids might have nothing to the world, but in God’s eyes, they have everything they need. Sure, their only pair of sandals are broken, and all their clothes are two sizes too small and they have multiple health issues because of lack of medical attention. But even still, they sing day and night, of God’s glory and His love. Their smiles are so bright, I know God is reflecting his joy in their faces. He loves those kids. I love those kids.

It’s funny when poor kids become the envy of a gal that’s grown up with the comforts and security of a home and food and a family and a future.

It’s funny when poor kids are richer than the rich.

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