an open post to all my friends who need to hear this right now

Hello there, you amazing and perfect little messed-up tragedy that is so loved whether you know it or not.

Believe it.

Know it.

Because even if you’re going through a dark or tiring time in life, even butterflies go through a time of obscurity… turns out, all the anxiety, hurt, stress that you’re feeling are just growing pains. You got this.

You aren’t alone, though you may convince yourself you are. The burden is not yours to carry alone. You will not be turned away. You are not alone. Jesus above can give you comfort through others in your life. Through us, the people that love your dorky face, you can experience His peace and assurance.

Sure, you’re messed up SO ARE WE. We are all walking crazies that don’t know what we’re doing. But that doesn’t mean that we have to walk this journey alone. There are people in our lives that are there for this very reason: to be that friend, to listen, to help you, to guide you.

You are not alone, so stop saying things like “I suck, everybody, hates me cuz I suck.” You are loved by so many. Open those tired eyes, even if the light hurts, we are surrounding you. We want to help you, we want to take away your pain.

I know you’re hurting. I know you’re wanting it to stop. Let us help you, we want to see your smiles again, we want to hear you express how passionate about music, your OTP’s, heck, even your favorite order at Chick-fil-A. We miss you, even though you don’t think you’re miss-able.

You are SO MUCH perfect you don’t even realize.

So please, coming from a loving friend, for once, stop looking and hating yourself for being you, a messed up tragedy that makes countless mistakes but will never be unworthy of love and hugs.

I love you, you crazy-awesome-as-guac human child. I wish I could take away all the pain and send you to your happiest place because we all deserve happiness.

Believe it. Know it. I love you.


Jazzy xoxo

*a gazillion hugs and so much love*

i love hearing all of your thoughts... just, please be friendly :)

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